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    Monemvasia Winery - G. Tsimpidis

    Type :
    Local Products
    Area :
    Vellies, Monemvasia
    Telephone :
    +30 27320 53096

    Except for its legendary Castle, Monemvasia (or Malvasia), was famous in the Middle Ages for its renowned wine. Monemvasian merchants traveled to the large commercial centers of the Mediterranean trading their wine, which was sold by the Venetians and the Genovese mer-chants under the name "MALVASIA". The temperate coastal climate in combination with the soil composition were the exceptional features that gave MALVASIA wine its unique quality.


    Monemvasia Winery, G.Tsibidis & Co, was founded on 20 September 1997 in Monemvasia of Lakonia by G.Tsibidis. This initiative was part of a wider business plan with a clear objective: the revival of the Malvasia wine in its birth place. The winery covers a number of activities from historical research to vine search, vine growing, wine making, bottling, distribution, promotion and trading. Now we are close to reach our primary goal, as our wine PDO Monemvasia - Malvasia 2010 of will be bottled for the first time at the end of 2013 after 3 years of aging.

    Today, Monemvasia Winery of G. Tsimpidis worthily continues the long wine-growing tradition of the region, featuring 300 acres of private vineyards with local varieties: Monemvasia, Asproudes, Kydonitsa, Assyrtiko, Limniona, Aghiorghitiko, Mavroudi, Moschofilero, Roditis.

    Monemvasia Winery has set up a wine making plant, processing grapes from its own vines as well as from the wider area, producing wines traded under the fol-lowing names: Monemvasios, Laloudi, Maleatis, Kastropolitia, Asyrtiko, Kidonitsa, Asproudi, Fileri, Anthosmias, Metropolis, 300, Monemvasia-Malvasia among others.

    You may taste our wines when visiting Monemvasia or in selected stores in Athens and the rest of Greece. You can also visit us in our winery, locatedin the village of Vellies, close to Monemavsia (see map) where you can taste and purchase our wines. Please note that in the winery there are regularly taking place wine tasting sessions, so if you want more information or want to reserve your place, click here.







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Monemvasia map
Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece, Zipcode: 23070
Tel.: +30 27315 00125, mob. +30 693 978 0001
Fax:+30 211 800 2870

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