Tradisional Shops Moreos Idista – Almond Sweets Charamis - Gefyra Monemvasia
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    Moreos Idista – Almond Sweets Charamis

    Type :
    Local Products
    Area :
    Gefyra, Monemvasia
    Telephone :
    +30 27320 61040

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    If the almond sweets are the trademark of Monemvasia, the confectionery workshop Charamis is synonymous with the history of this sweet since 1958. By the mid '50s, the almond sweets were made only by housewives of Monemvasia in their homes. They became widely known when Evangelia Charami and her husband Vangelis began to offer them as a dessert in their patisserie on the central square of Gefyra (the new town of Monemvasia). "THE FAMOUS", was the first name of the renowned sweet, which suggested for many years the taste and quality of manufacture of the freshest ingredients in the historic workshop of Charamis (the first in Monemvasia). In 2003, it changed its name to MOREOS IDISTA, which refers to the tastiest sweet temptations of the Peloponnese (Moreas): samousades (traditional sweet with honey, pastry sheet, sesame, walnut and almond), flutes, diples, kourabiedes, melomakarona (honey biscuits), rafiolia and melitinia.
    Moreover, Charamis family takes the tradition one step further, offering the traditional sweets that made them famous in ice cream flavors! You should try the ice cream flavors of their own inspiration like almond sweet, samousades, diples or brioche or the ice cream flavored violet from the namesake flower. Also, you can enjoy your ice cream with a freshly baked waffle. Generally, in Charamis pastry you will find a wide variety of excellent ice cream, tarts, chocolates, and many other fresh pastries, all produced by them.
    And of course, you can order almond sweets to accompany you on your most memorable moments, such as weddings and baptisms, as it was the case in the old times, or you can order them wherever you live! Charamis can also prepare original birthday cakes on request.
    In their renovated main store you will find fine products of Laconia region, like olive oil, honey, homemade pasta, rusks, dry figs, local herbs, wine, ouzo and excellent homemade fruit preserves.
    Recently, they inaugurated their first branch in Sparta.


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Monemvasia map
Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece, Zipcode: 23070
Tel.: +30 27315 00125, mob. +30 693 978 0001
Fax:+30 211 800 2870

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