Useful phone numbers

Every number in Greece (landline or mobile) has 10 digits. When you are calling from abroad you have to add the country code for Greece +30 at the beginning.

Here you have some useful and emergency phone numbers for the area of Monemvasia and its surroundings.

Municipality of Monemvasia: 27323-60500

Monemvasia Municipal Turism Office: 27320-61777

Municipal Police: 27323-60576

Police Department Monemvasia: 27320-61210
Police Department Molaoi: 27320-22207 
Police Department Neapoli: 27340-22211
Police Station Papadianika: 27320-82207

Fire Service Molai: 27320-23888
Fire Service Neapoli: 27340-22199

Port Authority Monemvasia: 27320-61266
Port Authority Neapoli: 27340-22228

Hospital Molai: 27320-22374
Health Center Neapoli: 27340-22500


Bus Service Monemvasia: 27320-61752 
Bus Service Molai: 27320-22209  
Bus Service Sparta: 27310-26441

Post Office Monemvasia: 27320-61231 
Post Office Molai: 27320-22330 
Post Office Neapoli: 27340-22211


MonemvasiaTour - 05/06/2023