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MonemvasiaTOUR - Our commitment


MonemvasiaTOUR is a fresh and innovative project that was conceived with the needs of the travelers in mind. We live in Monemvasia and we have worked for years in the tourism and hospitality industry, so we know first hand the needs of the visitors of the area and the existing lack of reliable information about most issues concerning a conscious and curious traveler. Some travelers may have their own paper or digital guides, but I think that it's invaluable to have a local guide by your side, who will let you know the secrets and insider tips about almost everything: accommodation, restaurants, cafés, shopping, attractions and much more.

You can also book your stay and request or book the activities you prefer through our website, so you don't need to search anywhere else. We offer best price guarantee PLUS some EXTRA BENEFITS. See why to Book with Us.

We have several ambitious and innovative plans for the future. Some headlines include the translation of at least some parts of our website in several languages and of course a smart mobile aplication with our guide to take it with you.

So, take your time and browse our pages and probably you will discover what you are looking for and much more. In case you don't find what you were looking for, let us know by email. We will make our best to help you. Remember, we live here, let us guide you.

MonemvasiaTour - 17/10/2021